Who We Are

Our History

In 1991, the Women Board of Pittsburgh began as a small group of friends who shared a mutual interest in improving the lives of Pittsburgh's children. This group decided to organize a fundraiser to benefit a local child-centered non-profit. Through the event they raised $1,200 and their resounding success prompted them to continue planning an annual event, with each one benefiting a different deserving organization.  
Over the years, the Women's Board of Pittsburgh has continued as an all-volunteer organization donating 98% of what we raise to our beneficiaries. Although much has remained the same, our annual event has vastly grown in scope. 


Our current membership includes more than 70 devoted members from various professional and volunteer backgrounds. Among these women are seven charter members who paved the way. 

Over the past 30 years, we have raised over $1.3 million benefitting 29 amazing organizations. We are grateful for the tremendous generosity of the sponsors, donors, and event guests who have partnered with us in these efforts. 

At the core, we are still a committed group of dedicated members who love what we do — working as a team to help improve the lives of children. Today we remain an all-volunteer organization with a steadfast passion for supporting children in our communities.

Our Members

President: Judy Leininger
Vice President: Kim Gordon
Secretary: Laura Cleveland-Datesmen
Treasurer: Lori Botos
Grants Chair: Karen Gerlach
Governance Chair: Nicki Ubinger
Community Relations/ PR Chair: Terry Robosson
2022 Event Chairs: Michelle Gleason and Kathleen Miclot

Judi Collins, Liz Davis, DJ Hammerschmidt, Elizabeth Hobbs, Penny Jacobs, Pat Slater 

Dotti Bechtol, Lisa Bowden, Susan Boyle, Beth Brunins, Debbie Burke, Marijo Crowe, Elizabeth Duchak, Maria Durrant, Andrea Fako, Julianne Fallert, Christine Ferguson-Rau, Kate Fuhrer, Joy Herrington, Betsy Henry, Betsy Holden, Melia Kaneta, Kris Kann, Paula Lockhart, Sandy McInerney, Ginny Merchant, Laurin Moore, Carol Moyer, Loraine Murphey, Lee Murphy, Becky O’Connor, Louise Person, Terrie Piatt, Karen Sartin Slevin, Linda Savin, Carol Squires, Kathy Sutcliffe, Alex Tarasi, Linda Thier, Lynn Thompson, Bina Toor-Sandhu, Natalie Wright Taylor 

Linda Ban, Anne Boyd, Nancy Brownell, Laura Dawson, Mary DeRubeis, Candi Eisengart, Sage Eisengart, Susan Glotfelty, Judy Horgan, Sara Horsman, Carrie Leemhuis, Connie Phillips, Annie Rivers, Gracia Sheptak, Ellen Shields, Mary Beth Smith, Sandy Woncheck

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